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Reflections on Business: Does your image reflect you?

Copyright 2008, Dorian Scott Cole

National Writers Workshop in Los Angeles enjoyed the support of major studios, and of many prominent
agents, actors and producers. But they felt the wrath of the creative community when their winner of a screenwriting development contest turned out to be a convicted cop killer. After months of very public criticism and animosity, and slumping revenue, the director was preparing to close the doors.

I happened to go there to help with management and screenplay development for a couple of months, and work on some writing. I looked at the situation and launched an image campaign through direct mail to donors and through motion picture industry media. After the image campaign, I did fundraising with the same donors, and we had the most successful fundraising ever. The business stayed in business until the director's health failed.

What is an image campaign? Koolaid Stand
  • Image: The impression and attitude your customers have toward you and what you offer.
  • Value: What you offer to your customers in quality, experience, and cost-effective solutions to their needs.
  • Campaign: Make sure the image in your customer's minds is the same as the value you offer.
  • The challenge: Change negative attitudes and incomplete impressions to positive images.
The most effective image campaigns research customer impressions and attitudes, make sure the product is aligned with the company mission, formulate a way to change impressions and attitudes, test this, and then reach the customers where they look with advertising. Abbreviated campaign preparation can be done by relying on experience, if you know what to say and how to say it.

Research it, develop it, communicate it.

- Scott

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