TechGenie Media

Technical services

We can develop and present training courses and materials for operating machinery, sales training (partnership selling), and technical training. We can create video presentations.

For DuPont, Dorian added material to a 13 week equipment training program, reduced the training to 3 weeks, presented it to foreign students who could barely speak English, and it was considered more effective than the original program.

We can consult on complex problems involving multiple systems, help find solutions, and indicate the engineering specialties required (if any) to create solutions.

As a project manager, Dorian reconfigured buildings for the technical requirements of MRI and CT scanner installation, and coordinated with multiple engineers, contractors, and inspectors.

We can create white papers, marketing and sales collateral, operating instructions, and help files.

Web sites: We can guide you in the creation of a Web site for Web presence or Web marketing. WordPress is a really good selection for this, and can be maintained by in-house personnel on sites that feature WordPress hosting. We also can guide toward programs for sites that feature specific types of products. Generally we provide input on product differentiation, what to put on the site, site graphical design, and site navigation. Our goal is to help you create a Web site you can maintain. We can also host and update Web sites.

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