TechGenie Media

Discrimination and Harassment Policy
TechGenie Media and Movie Stream Productions

We try to provide a safe and respectful working environment, and abide by the law. Discrimination and harassment negatively impact personnel, participants, productions, and business reputation.

Anyone who works with or participates in the TechGenie Media or Movie Stream Productions business, is held to the following policies regarding discrimination and harassment of any type:

TechGenie Media and Movie Stream Productions are committed to being a safe and respectful workplace that is free of any kind of harassment, including race, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, politics, donations for any purpose, gender, union status, experience level, education, job position, or any other category of discrimination and harassment, including freedom from intimidation and unwanted sexual advances, unwelcome touching, or unwelcome sexual conversation.

We provide a safe, confidential, and respectful process for reporting or requesting advice on any harassment issue. You will be given the name and phone number of the person responsible for harassment reporting and advice. You may also go directly to the producer, Dorian Cole.

The movie production business tends to place people in close contact, and also places people in situations where conversation, closeness, and cues may be misinterpreted. You should use the following course of action:

  1. It is the responsibility of the person who feels harassed or feels involved in unwelcome conversations or actions, to be the first line of defense by telling the person who harassed you that his or her actions are unwelcome.
  2. Intimidation should immediately be reported. Any suggestion that you can gain an advantage in any production through sexual contact is nonsense and should immediately be reported.
  3. If the unwelcome conversation or action continues, report this to the designated person or to the producer. Try to remain separate from the person. Use the forms or report it verbally.
  4. If you see harassment happening to another person, you are required to report it.

All accusations will be taken seriously, and confidentially investigated. Personnel who engage in harassment may be educated about the law, or dismissed, and may be subject to prosecution. Failure to comply with an investigation may result in dismissal. Making false claims, if proven, will result in dismissal.

Sexual harassment includes the following:

  • Unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome touching, or attempts to observe people in an undressed state.
  • Suggestions that sexual activity will gain you an advantage in the production or future productions.
  • Verbal or physical conduct that is sexual in nature, including telling or sending jokes, and touching.
  • Display of sexually explicit or obscene photographs, gestures, or objects.

We prefer that personnel follow the following guidelines:

  • All children and young adults must be accompanied by a parent or parent assigned guardian, except high school students on school grounds when school personnel are present.
  • Personnel will normally be provided separate overnight rooms, when needed.
  • Personnel may request separate green rooms (waiting rooms) when harassment becomes a concern.

During operations, personnel will be required to sign this form, and will be given the name of a confidential discrimination and harassment administrator.

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