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Communicating effectively in a visual environment, Acting Groups

Acting adds another dimension to your life. It's fun. You meet people and make new friends. You learn a skill that is useful for acting in church, school, community theater, doing presentations, and speaking in court or assemblies. Become charismatic when you want to be. I help you learn, and it isn't embarrassing. You can do it at any age. (My current minimum age is 18 (adult).) You might become part of a future production in Warrenton (I do productions).

Ninety percent of the effectiveness of communication is in non-verbal cues.

Anyone can learn more effective communication through learning acting. Acting isn't creating a fiction or lie. Acting is being a real version of yourself.*1 You learn to tap into those aspects of your personality.

Groups for adults are being planned, age 18 and above only.*2

Groups will meet in the Warrenton, MO at a public place to be determined, as needed, once or twice a week, in a safe and fun environment.

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn the "on set" aspect of video production
  • Write and act in fun commercials, comedy sketches, and shorts, and put some on YouTube
  • Learn to communicate effectively in a visual environment
  • Learn how to have charisma and stage presence
  • Learn the basics of conflict, conflict escalation and deescalation. (Conflict is the heart of drama.)
  • Learn the differences between assertive and aggressive, and learn about conflict resolution: abuse, intimidation, bullying
  • Learn how to understand and portray degrees of emotion
  • Learn how to create characters, how to use attitude
  • Improve diction, voice projection, and understand audience projection
  • Learn how to act in different genres
  • Very interactive environment, and everyone participates.
  • Much of what we do is a combination of Method and Meisner. Action/reaction.
  • Screen test. Those who want to, can make a screen test.
  • Get a better understanding of social cues.
  • Some may participate in a just for fun mystery Web series.

*1 Character acting is a bit different. You will learn both.

*2 Screen Actors Guild (SAG Union) rules, which are reasonable and experienced, and my own company safety standards, make using youth on set prohibitively expensive, time consuming, and unworkable, even for student films. The minimum age of 18 is firm.

Dorian took all of the acting classes College of DuPage had to offer, to become a better entertainment writer. The college was started around its theater program. He doesn't act on stage or screen himself because he can't remember lines. Or names. faces. Things his wife asks him to do.... Dorian's bio on Movie Stream Productions.

How To Write A Screenplay - a free guide for beginning writers, by Dorian Cole

Dorian places information about how to do movie production on The MSP Insider, and information about writing on Visual Writer.com. He tries to advance the field of visual semiotics, which is simply communicating through indicators (signifiers), like sounds, signs, motifs, and the set. He advocates using the set as a character.

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