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AIP Initiative

Ninety-Nine percent of all jobs created in the US since the Great Recession have required education beyond high school. Around 30% of existing jobs will be replaced over the next 15 years by AI and Robotics (automation). This includes jobs like medical radiologist and legal researchers. How will people get and keep jobs?

In the last five years around 1200 college campuses have closed. They can't afford to stay open in the face of falling enrollment. Enrollments are down, people have lost confidence in education to get good jobs, can't afford rapidly rising prices, yet education is key to getting better paying jobs. Why the disparity between the need for education for jobs yet people avoiding education?

The face of education itself is changing. There is more emphasis on lifelong learning to stay adaptable in the work force, more people working from home (gigs), and more emphasis on trade schools. What's the future role of education

Since 1900 people have migrated to the city from rural areas to get jobs. Agriculture jobs declined to 11%. But at the same time manufacturing jobs have declined to 8.5%. Most people migrating to the city for jobs can't find them. This is driving a wedge between urban and rural in our society. How can rural areas be included in the economy?

The AIP initiative is about finding ways to bridge the major gaps developing in our economy and environment. This nonprofit initiative uses resources from MIT, Harvard, Annenberg Institute, Brookings Institute, McKinsey Institute, Pachamama Alliance, education information through Lumina and many other institutions, with a focus on rural.

This is a nonprofit initiative and needs people power from like-minded people.

The AIP mission explained in detail

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